Elderflower Bellini  11

An Elderflower twist to the classic Bellini recipe

make this cocktail a refreshing and super

enjoyable drink to enjoy pre, post or indeed during

your meal!


Haribo Punch  11

A favourite aperitif in the Caribbean, an ice cool rum

punch is perfect anytime of the day.  made with Bacardi

spiced rum, it offers a delicious medley of fruit

flavours: sweet orange, pineapple, vibrant cranberry

and grenadine.


Disaronno & Lime Daiquiri  11

The Fat Turk has combined sweet Disaronno with

fresh zingy lime and crushed ice to bring you the

perfect summer cooler.


Strawberry Daiquiri  11

Bacardi rum with fresh strawberry puree, lime juice,

sugar syrup and blended with crushed ice


Woo Woo Shot  4

Vodka, peach snhnapps and cranberry