Veg sticks – Cucumber, celery, carrots  VG
Humus – Chickpeas, tahin, garlic, lemon VG 5
Taramasalata  Cod roe, onion, lemon 5
Cacik – Natural yoghurt, cucumber, mint V 5
Zeytin – Marinated Olives, herbs, olive oil VG 4
Ezme Salata – Finely chopped spicy Mediterranean salad, pomegranate dressing VG 6,9
Ciger  Fried lambs liver, red onion 6,5
Midye tava – Floured and fried mussels, tartar  5
Kizartma – Aubergines, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes VG 5
Borek – Fried feta, oregano & parsley filo rolls, sweet chilli dip V 7
Hellim  Grilled Cypriot cheese V 7
Sujuk – Grilled spicy Turkish sausage 6


Seafood Kavurma – Prawn, squid and mussels, Mediterranean vegetables with a sweet chilli ginger sauce and fresh lime 8
Hellim Chips – Fried Cypriot hellim cheese with a spicy tomato relish V 9
Humus Kavurma – Tahin humus topped with spiced lamb 9
Tomato & Feta – Heritage tomatoes, aged feta, rocket and minted olive oil dressing with simit bread V 6,5
Lamb Kofte Balls – Lightly spiced lamb meatballs with a smoked paprika & tomato salsa 8
Kalamar – Fried squid prepared to Mr Erceri’s family recipe with tartar 9,9
King Prawns – Grilled lemon and herb king prawns with an olive salsa (4) 12


Sea Bass – Pan fried fillets of Black Bream with a tomato and herb vierge sauce 21
King Prawn – Grilled lemon & herb shelled king prawns,  olive samphire salsa, green leaf salad 22
Hake – Baked Hake with a wild mushroom and shellfish bisque 22
Fat Turk’s Seafood Blanquette – A selection of salmon, tiger prawns, hake, squid and mussels in a rich creamy saffron sauce with a hint of XO Cognac 26
Salmon – Oven baked Salmon with beluga lentils, brown rice and herbs 19

Fire Grills

Served with bulgur wheat rice and a green leaf salad with red and white quino
Chicken şiş – Sweet pepper & garlic marinated chicken breast şiş 16,75
Adana Kofte şiş – Spiced & minced leg of lamb şiş 16,75
Lamb şiş – Oregano prime leg of lamb şiş 18,5
Fat Turk Burger – Minced lamb burger, chicken, hellim cheese, salad, brioche bun, skinny fries 15,75
Pirzola – Pimento spiced best end lamb chops 22
Fat Turk Izgara – Trio of Chicken şiş, lamb şiş & kofte şiş 24
Surf & Turk – Selection of Chicken şiş, kofte şiş, lamb chop, king prawn, hake strip 24,75
Rib Eye şiş – Butterflied rib-eye steak, cubed and grilled with julienne fries & mustard mayo 24,50


Vegetable Karniyarik – Roasted aubergine stuffed with peppers, onion, tomato and potato served with bulgur wheat rice and freshly chopped salad VG 13,5
Chickpea Pot – Spiced chickpea and vegetable casserole VG 13,5
Hellim şiş – Grilled hellim cheese şiş served with mixed leaves, pomegranate and minted olive oil V 13,5


Sautéed wild mushrooms with white wine, garlic & fresh Herbs V 5
Creamy garlic fresh baby spinach leaves V 5
Breaded and fried feta balls with thyme & honey reduction V 6
Julienne Fries VG 4,5
Triple cooked hand cut chips VG 4,5
Seasonal vegetables with butter and herbs V 4,5
Cumin and herb Dauphinoise V 5

Sweet Temptation

Baklava – Traditional Turkish pistachio Baklava served with vanilla ice cream, rosewater syrup and Turkish delights 8
Brownie – Warm swiss chocolate brownie, earl grey milk chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce 8
Summer Bubbles* – Summer berries macerated in white rum and mint, lemon sorbet, pink champagne and blueberry financier 12
Tipsy Afogato – Sea salted caramel ice cream, expresso coffee and X.O brandy 17,5
Fat Turk Ice Cream – Vanilla, black cumin, sea salted caramel and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce 8
Tipsy Afogato – Vanilla bean ice cream, espresso coffee, caramelised hazelnuts and X.O. Brandy 17,5
Ice Cream Sorbets– Your choice of any three flavours and served with mixed berry compote;
Ice Cream Selection – Matcha Tea, Swiss chocolate chip, Strawberry, Blue bubblegum, Amaretto marzipan
Sorbet Selection – Lemon, Raspberry, Mango, Peach, Coconut
Coffee - Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino 2,95
Tea – Earl Grey, Green, Camomile, Mint, Fresh Mint 2,95
Liqueur Coffee – Whisky, Rum, Kahlua, Baileys, Tia Maria, Cointreau 7,5
Petit Fours 2

After Dinner Cocktails

Espresso Martini - Baileys, Kahlua, Vodka lifted with a shot of illy coffee 11
Raspberry Kiss - Baileys combined with Raspberry liqueur served over ice 9,5
Hazelnut Kiss - Baileys combined with Hazelnut liqueur served over ice 9,5
Citrus Kiss - Baileys combined with Orange liqueur served over ice 9,5


Taylors Reserve Port 75ml 7
Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port 75ml 20


Courvoisier Vs 5
Remy Martin Vsop 6,5
Hennessy Xo 12,5
Remy Martin Xo 12,5

* For every Summer Bubbles sold The Fat Turk will make a £1 donation to St Francis Hospice
Dishes may contain nuts – please advise your server of any allergies

Menus subject to change and price change

Allergen menu available on request

Lamb Kofte Meatballs
Seafood Kavurma
Fat Turk Izgara
Turkish Food