Veg sticks – Cucumber, celery, carrots  VG
Humus – Chickpeas, tahin, garlic, lemon VG 5
Taramasalata  Cod roe, onion, lemon 5
Cacik – Natural yoghurt, cucumber, mint V 5
Zeytin – Marinated Olives, herbs, olive oil VG 4
Koz Biber – Grilled sweet pickled peppers, garlic vinaigrette VG 5
Ezme Salata – Finely chopped spicy Mediterranean salad, pomegranate dressing VG 6,9
Ciger  Fried lambs liver, red onion 6,5
Midye tava – Floured and fried mussels, tartar  5
Kizartma – Aubergines, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes VG 5
Borek – Fried feta, oregano & parsley filo rolls, sweet chilli dip V 7
Hellim  Grilled Cypriot cheese V 7
Sujuk – Grilled spicy Turkish sausage 6


Seafood Kavurma – Prawn, squid and mussels, Mediterranean vegetables with a sweet chilli ginger sauce and fresh lime 8
Hellim Chips – Fried Cypriot hellim cheese with a spicy tomato relish V 9
Humus Kavurma – Tahin humus topped with spiced lamb 9
Tomato & Feta – Heritage tomatoes, aged feta, rocket and minted olive oil dressing with simit bread V 6,5
Lamb Kofte Balls – Lightly spiced lamb meatballs with a smoked paprika & tomato salsa 8
Kalamar – Fried squid prepared to Mr Erceri’s family recipe with tartar 9,9
King Prawns – Grilled lemon and herb king prawns with an olive salsa (4) 12


Sea Bass – Pan fried fillet of sea bass cooked in a sweet tomato, caper and white wine sauce 21
King Prawn – Grilled lemon & herb shelled king prawns with bulgur wheat rice, olives, samphire and sautéed vegetables 22
Hake – Baked Hake with sweet potato and lemongrass puree, wild mushrooms and seasonal vegetables 22
Fat Turk’s Seafood Blanquette – A selection of salmon, tiger prawns, hake, squid, mussels and clams in a rich creamy saffron sauce with a hint of XO Cognac 26
Salmon – Oven baked salmon with grilled baby aubergines, potatoes and smoked paprika tomato salsa 19
Mussels & Bubbles – Steamed mussels in a sweet Marzano tomato and garlic sauce with white wine and shallots. Served with Black Bursa olive bread and a glass of Gallimard champagne to fully compliment the fresh flavours 22,5

Fire Grills

Served with bulgur wheat rice and freshly chopped salad
Chicken şiş – Sweet pepper & garlic marinated chicken breast şiş 16,75
Adana Kofte şiş – Spiced & minced leg of lamb şiş 16,75
Lamb şiş – Oregano prime leg of lamb şiş 18,5
Fat Turk Burger – Minced lamb burger, chicken, hellim cheese, salad, brioche bun, skinny fries 15,75
Pirzola – Pimento spiced best end lamb chops 22
Fat Turk Izgara – Trio of Chicken şiş, lamb şiş & kofte şiş 24
Surf & Turk – Selection of Chicken şiş, kofte şiş, lamb chop, king prawn, kalamar 24,75
Rib Eye şiş – Butterflied rib-eye steak, cubed and grilled with julienne fries & mustard mayo 24,50


Vegetable Karniyarik – Roasted aubergine stuffed with peppers, onion, tomato and potato served with bulgur wheat rice and freshly chopped salad VG 13,5
Chickpea Pot – Spiced chickpea and vegetable casserole VG 13,5
Feta & Fig Salad – Aged feta cheese, figs, walnuts and baby leaf salad with a pomegranate dressing V 13,5
Avocado Salad – Avocado, organic quinoa, chia seeds, crispy salad leaves and honey and wholegrain mustard vinaigrette VG 14
Hellim şiş – Grilled hellim cheese şiş served with mixed leaves, pomegranate and minted olive oil V 13,5


Sautéed wild mushrooms with white wine, garlic & fresh Herbs V 5
Creamy fresh baby spinach leaves V 5
Breaded and fried feta balls with thyme & honey reduction V 6
Julienne Fries VG 4,5
Triple cooked hand cut chips VG 4,5
Seasonal vegetables with butter and herbs V 4,5

Sweet Temptation

Baklava – Traditional turkish baklava served warm with Vanilla ice cream, rosewater syrup, whipped cream, and turkish delights 8
Chocolate Brownie – Warm belgian chocolate brownie served with pistachio ice cream and chocolate sauce 8
Strawberry Bubbles – Fresh strawberries macerated in white rum and mint served with lemon sorbet, pink champagne and berry financier 12
Mango Cake – Mango mousse cake with an exotic fruit ragout and apricot sorbet 8
Chocolate Cappuccino – Dark chocolate mousse on almond sponge with cappuccino ice cream and creme anglaise 8
Tipsy Afogato – Vanilla bean ice cream, espresso coffee, caramelised hazelnuts and X.O. Brandy 17,5
FT Ice Cream – Vanilla bean, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon ice cream with chocolate sauce. turkish delights and rose petal jellies 8
Ice Cream/Sorbet – Your choice of 3 scoops of Ice creams and sorbets served in a sesame basket and mixed forest berries compote
Ice Cream Selection – Vanilla bean, Rich Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Cinnamon, Cappuccino, Pistachio, Blue bubblegum
Sorbet Selection – Apricot, Lemon, Mango, Raspberry
Coffee - Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Machiato 2,95
Floater Coffee 4,5
Tea – Earl Grey, Green, Camomile, Mint, Fresh Mint 2,95
Liqueur Coffee – Whisky, Rum, Kahlua, Baileys, Tia Maria, Cointreau 7,5
Petit Fours 2

After Dinner Cocktails

Espresso Martini - Vodka, Baileys, Kahlua lifted with a shot of illy coffee 11
Raspberry Kiss - Baileys combined with Raspberry liqueur served over ice 9,5
Hazelnut Kiss - Baileys combined with Hazelnut liqueur served over ice 9,5
Citrus Kiss - Baileys combined with Orange liqueur served over ice 9,5


Taylors Reserve Port 75ml 7
Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port 75ml 20


Courvoisier Vs 5
Remy Martin Vsop 6,5
Hennessy Xo 12,5
Remy Martin Xo 12,5

Menus subject to change and price change

Allergen menu available on request

Lamb Kofte Meatballs
Seafood Kavurma
Fat Turk Izgara
Turkish Food